Medical Disclaimer

Essential Oils have a main use in Aromatherapy (use of aromatic oils/compounds to improve psychological or physical wellbeing). They are of benefit, and many of the constituents (individual compounds) within Mehlora’s products have been extensively studied over the last decade. Mehlora’s Liquid Resins may also help to support a healthy lifestyle and can be used in more applications than Essential Oils than just in Aromatherapy as they comprise more than the Volatile Aromatic Compounds which exclusively comprise Essential Oils.

Mehlora does not advocate chronic internal use of any oil or resin. Extreme caution must be taken when taking anything internally, particularly extracted substances. If taking any product internally consult a physician and stop use if any adverse reaction occurs.

Mehlora does not advocate for the curing or prevention of any disease, illness, or other medical complication by the use of Essential Oils. They are safe and can help support a healthy lifestyle, but are not a replacement for medical advice or prescribed solutions from physicians. Always consult your physician when adopting a practice where health and wellbeing are concerned. None of the statements on Mehlora’s website or publications on products have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.