What are Liquid Resins?

Mehlora's Liquid Resins are the most complete extract on the market. There are a few ways essential oil extraction happens. The main two are steam distillation and solvent extraction. Steam Distillation is done by using steam to evaporate, condense, and then to separate the compounds that make the aroma called Volatile Aromatic Compounds (VAC's), into the essential oil. This is the most common extraction, it uses high heat and creates significant amounts of waste. Solvent Extraction is when alcohol, CO2 or another chemical are used to pull out those VAC's which tend to leave residue and create waste. Our extraction is done without heat, and is a completely natural process, more of a conversion, from a solid resin to a liquid. Our Liquid Resins are truly that, a pure liquid version of the resin, nothing lost, and have everything the resin has to offer with no waste or impurities.


One difficulty in extractions is that only a certain amount of what the plant has to offer therapeutically is yielded. When we compare our Frankincense Liquid Resin to the Essential Oil, the essential oil is missing  are all of the "heavy" compounds that bring the real benefits of what it has to offer! Boswellic Acids are a specific example of the therapeutic and medicinal components found in our Frankincense Liquid Resin that isn't in any Frankincense essential oil, regardless of purity. An easy way to explain this is while there are essential oils that come "from" resins,  they are not pure resins. They are only a part of them. Mehlora's Liquid Resins are the complete and whole Resin.


When we compare Essential Oils to our Liquid Resins, it isn't a comparison of  purity it is a comparison of completeness. In nature, the plant uses everything in its resin it produces to heal and protect itself, when we use just a part of the resin or plant (like only the essential oils) we are missing a large part of what that plant product has to offer! When you choose to use Mehlora's Liquid Resins, you experience Nature's  perfectly designed "Entourage" effect. This effect is the result of every constituent within Mehlora's Liquid Resins working synergistically together to amplify the effects of our products. Our Liquid Resins are truly the pure and unaltered version of each unique resin that revered medicinal plants offer.