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Our natural oil blends support your mind, body and spirit.

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More Than Just Essential Oils

With Mehlora Liquid Resins, enjoy the entirety of what nature has to offer.

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Pure & Complete Plant Profiles

Resins contain 100% of available plant compounds. Offering you even more than just essential oils.

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Our unique extraction method leaves nothing out.

What makes pure liquid resin so effective?

While essential oils contain only light aromatic compounds, Mehlora Pure Liquid Resins contain the complete profile of a resins's beneficial compounds.

What does this mean? Our products actually work.

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  • The Mehlora Difference

    Imagine telling a story and never being listened to. That's the corner we put Nature in, until now.

    Essential Oils and standard extracts are only the smallest part of the story Nature has been trying to tell us. 

    Our Liquid Resin Extracts are the full, detailed, and colorful story of what Nature is offering to us. Come be part of the epic journey as we take the first steps towards finally listening to the story Nature has to tell.

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