Essential Oils

Pure concentrated plant extracts.

Mehlora's 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are made using only the safest extraction methods.

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Resin Blends

A blend for everything.

Mehlora's Resin Blends incorporate curated mixtures of pure liquid resins & essential oils.

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Pure Liquid Resin

Nothing left out.

Using a natural, heatless, extraction process, Mehlora's Pure Liquid Resins are the most complete extractions on the market.

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Pure and Complete. Nature Made Simple

100% Pure Resins and Essential Oils. Your favorite Oils, Resins, and Blends all in one place with unmatched quality and perfection.

Liquid Resins vs Essential Oils

Think the next level of Essential Oils. A new, perfectly complete extraction of medicinal resins. If you love Essential Oils, these are going to blow you away.

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So What's Missing?

Essential Oils are just the tip of the iceberg. Liquid Resins are the full and complete resin, just in a liquid form. What we call "heavies" are only found in our Liquid Resins. These compounds benefit skin, pain, inflammation, digestion, sleep, and more better than any Essential Oil.

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  • The Mehlora Difference

    Imagine telling a story and never being listened to. That's the corner we put Nature in, until now.

    Essential Oils and standard extracts are only the smallest part of the story Nature has been trying to tell us. 

    Our Liquid Resin Extracts are the full, detailed, and colorful story of what Nature is offering to us. Come be part of the epic journey as we take the first steps towards finally listening to the story Nature has to tell.

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