Frequently Asked Questions

What are Liquid Resins?

Our Liquid Resins are the pure liquid version of the solidified resin that trees and plants produce to heal and protect themselves. A great example of their consistency is like a warm pure maple syrup! These go through our proprietary extraction process to convert them from a solid less usable form to a easy and simple to use one.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are the concentration of aromatic chemicals that make up the smell and aroma of a plant. Mainly used in aromatherapy, these oils do impart some benefits for both internal and topical applications if used with caution.

What is Mehlora’s Icon Membership?

Our Icon Membership is the perfect blend of product and benefits. With standing discounts, a free product every month, additional promos and discounts, and more, we do everything to take care of our Icon Members while offering the highest quality products. Our favorite perk other than the discounts is that every month you get a free product, even if you don't place an order, it just shows up for you to enjoy!

How does the Icon Membership work?

Our Icon Membership is a monthly membership at $25 a month which gives you access to all of the perks of being a member. These perks are 30% off all products, a free product shipped to you each time your Membership renews (monthly), free shipping over $50 (for US orders, $125 for international),and special promos.

How are Liquid Resins Different from Essential Oils?

While both are considered an extract, Essential Oils are a concentrated extract of just the aromatic compounds of plants while our Liquid Resins are a pure liquid version of the resin produced from trees. Essential oils are made entirely from “light” compounds, while our Liquid Resins contain all the “light” and all of the “heavy” beneficial compounds. Boswellic acids are a perfect example, they are found in Frankincense Liquid Resin but nowhere in an essential oil, and it is the compound that makes Frankincense so revered!

How do I use Liquid Resins?

Liquid Resins can be used just like an Essential Oil, aromatically, topically, or internally. Because these are a Resin in liquid form, when exposed to air they do become tacky, just like if you touch tree sap. The easiest way to avoid that tacky feel is to combine your favorite Liquid Resin with just a bit of a carrier oil, like coconut oil.

We recommend using them topically with a carrier oil. Using them this way we have seen some of the best results! Start with a 50/50 blend and adjust as you see fit!

Are Mehlora's Essential Oils and Liquid Resins safe to take internally?

Generally, yes! Just remember to use extreme caution. For our Essential Oils we follow the FDA Generally Recognized As Safe list (GRAS), or if there is sufficient evidence that using that oil or resin internally would be beneficial and not generally cause any complications. Always use caution when taking anything internally and consult your physician before doing so. If you have any adverse affects from our products discontinue use.

What is the free Icon Product for each month?

The Icon Product is the product we highlight each month that our members get for free! As long as you keep an active membership, you get that product shipped to you even if you dont place an order (for US members)!

What are "medicinal" or "heavy" compounds?

When we compare our Liquid Resins to Essential Oils, yield is a great way of showing the difference between the two. Extracted essential oil has roughly between a 1%-5% yield, most of the plant or source of oil is thrown away as waste. With our extraction we get nearly 100% of the resin not just that 1%-5% of the aromatic compounds. In fact researchers still dont know what all the "heavy" compounds are. What we do know is that they are incredibly beneficial and effective!

Why is there separation in the products with Liquid Resins?

In our Liquid Resins and Blends separation is normal and happens when they sit. What you are seeing are the "heavy" compounds lost through a traditional distillation process that contain a massive amount of benefit! Just give your bottle a shake to mix them back together and keep enjoying your favorite products!