Our Story

Our name, Mehlora, comes from the Latin word “meliora” whose full meaning is “for the pursuit of the better”. We focus on that meaning as our mission, to constantly pursue the best and most pure products on the market. With a love of essential oils, we put everything into bringing our members the highest quality oils and we are the first and only company to offer what we call our Liquid Resins.

From ancient times until now, essential oils have been used in medicine, perfumery, and cooking with little change in how we extract them. Called “essential” because it was thought that the oil held the essence of the plant, we now know they contain very little of what each plant has to offer. Still today our essential oils contain a concentration of only the light volatile and aromatic compounds in the plants that give them their unique smell. While essential oils have many beneficial uses and properties, we are completely missing many of the bioactive and medicinal compounds that give each plant, particularly resins, their distinctive place in nature.

From the first use of oils until now, the industry has had only minor improvements to the extraction, that is, until recently. At Mehlora we have discovered a completely natural, industry changing process, that extracts almost all of the beneficial components found in these precious resources, particularly in resin from trees. Technology and greed created a fast and cost effective process that burns off or leaves behind these medicinal compounds and creates a lot of waste. We have looked back to ancient wisdom and taken the hard road to bring you Mehlora’s Liquid Resins, what nature truly intended for us. Our liquid resins contain not only the fun and light aromatics, but also contain almost all of the bioactives, constituents, and medicinal compounds each unique resin contains. Even the very best of essential oils today contain just a small amount, if any, of these compounds.

As an example, Frankincense is not only made of terpenes like alpha-Pinene, Limonene, and alpha-Thujene, it is brimming with “heavy” and beautifully beneficial compounds that are considered waste in a traditional distillation process. Until now. Mehlora has captured them all. With all our Liquid Resins, with more to come, we have put everything into bringing you the most perfectly complete extract that each of these resins has to offer. We are excited to hear your story on how they benefit you in every area of your life.

We aim to help in Natures’ comeback, to once again be at the forefront of health and medicine. Mehlora's Proprietary Extraction for our growing list of Resins is all natural and the industries most complete. By starting with a full and complete extract of the compounds each plant has to offer, you can be a part of a radically different experience when you use Mehlora's products in your home, cooking, and health.