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Perfect doesn't exist, but we came pretty close! As an Icon Member you save money and get all the Liquid Resins and Essential Oils you need. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

At Mehlora we promise to only provide 100% pure resins, oils, and products to our members. If it isn’t the highest quality, we won’t touch it.

Hear what our Members are saying

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Jeff P. - Utah

This is one of the most incredible things I've ever come across in almost 70 years of life. Back in 1987 I had a tremendously bad repelling accident that shattered my left leg and broke the bones off just above the ankle clean off. Ive been suffering with that thing for close to 40 years. I got this little bottle of TheraBalm, took it home and tried it on my ankle. Half hour later I got up and thought holy mackerel am I just imagining things or does my leg not hurt anymore? The pain was COMPLETELY gone. I had relief until 2 o'clock the next afternoon! I put this stuff anywhere I have aches and pains!

Isaac M. - Alaska

I know I can count on these. I have always been a fan of essential oils, since my mom used them on my hands after I got a severe rope burn.  But these resins are the next level! I have used TheraBalm to help with aches and pains I have from a past football injury. All the resins have surpassed my expectations and past experiences with essential oils over and over again. I am definitely a believer! 

Jackie T. - Florida

I've had trouble sleeping for a while, I tried the sleep blend this amazing company has given me and so far I've been able to sleep 7 hours out of my normal 3 hours of sleep I would get without it. I just started using and will continue to use it to see more outcomes and benefits of it. Very thankful for this and excited to use more products!

Breanne M. - South Dakota

I have been using Mehlora’s Elysius for about 4 weeks now and I’m loving the results. My face and skin look brighter, fuller, and smoother. I have added Mehlora’s Elysius putting it under my moisturizer in my morning and evening routine with ease. I’m so excited with the results this past month, I just can’t wait to see how my skin will benefit and continue to glow over the next three, six, and twelve months. Mehlora’s Elysius has been a game changer for me!!

Virgil H. - Idaho

Mehlora really opened my mind to the power of nature and it's effects. When I was first exposed to Mehlora I had little to no relief from pain caused by my cerebral palsy. Thanks to this I have pain relief in a bottle that works and is giving me a second chance to explore the world around me.

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