So What Are They? An Intro to Liquid Resins and Why They are the Next Big Thing.

So What Are They? An Intro to Liquid Resins and Why They are the Next Big Thing.

If you have ever wandered into the space of natural health then you have definitely come across both Essential Oils and CBD. You are not alone if you've asked questions like:

“What are Essential Oils?”

“What are the best Essential Oils?”

“What Essential Oils are good for ____?”

“What is CBD?”

“Does CBD get you high?”

“Does CBD have THC in it?”

But the one question you probably haven't asked is, “what’s better?” 

First let’s get a good idea of what both Essential Oils and CBD are then we can jump into why we talk so much about “Liquid Resins”.

Essential Oils are a very concentrated extract of the parts of a plant that make up its aroma or smell. The chemicals that do this are called “terpenes”. We won’t get into their deep details, but let's use limonene as an example of a well known terpene. Limonene is what gives citrus oils, like Lemon, Lime, or Grapefruit, their distinct and fun smell. It is a different combination of these kinds of terpenes that gives every plant and Essential Oil its special one-of-a-kind smell. These are called “Volatile Aromatic Compounds”, which basically means they evaporate at low temperatures, we generally refer to them as “light” compounds. 

Essential Oils are extracted using a few different methods, the most common is “Steam Distillation”, the others are Cold Press (mainly for citrus) or Solvent Extraction (using CO2 or ethanol). When you extract the Essential Oils from a plant, like Lavender, you take the flowers, put them into a vat that is full of steam. Then you capture the steam, cool it, and separate the water from the Essential Oil and now you have Lavender Essential Oil. 

CBD is also an extract. It comes from hemp in the cannabis family. For your high quality CBD, you have almost no THC (what gives a “high”), and the types can be put into two groups Full Spectrum and Isolate. Full Spectrum is when you get a full range of a lot of what is in the hemp, sometimes small amounts of THC, but mainly terpenes, and other CBD-like compounds. The Isolate is just the pure CBD which is short for “cannabinoid cannabidiol”. 

So what is the difference between “Liquid Resin” and other extracts? First, we have to make it clear that while we are comparing essential oils and CBD with these Liquid Resins, they are entirely different. Oils and CBD are extracts, parts, or pieces, Liquid Resins are almost 100% complete and are more of a conversion than an extract. Where Oils are a concentration of those “light” compounds, and CBD is just a part of hemp, our Liquid Resins have almost all of the “light” and “heavy” compounds as well as being complete instead of a part. 

To give you an example we will use Frankincense, one of the most revered medicinal resins throughout the world. It is harvested from trees in the “boswellia” family and looks like hard bumpy tree sap. If we wanted to pull out the Essential Oil (which is about 7% of the resin) from the resin, we would put it through our steam distillation process, but we would be left with around 93% of the resin as waste! Well, what about that other 93%?! 

If we wanted to pull out one of the “heavy” compounds, we’ll call them “heavies”, we would isolate which one we wanted and extract it with a solvent (usually water or alcohol). For Frankincense it would most likely be a “boswellic acid” or an acid specific to the trees in the boswellia family. But if we isolate just those acids we don’t get the “light” compounds or any of the other things that make up Frankincense! 

Aside from being referred to as sacred in religious settings and revered as powerful medicines, resins are what Nature came up with to help special plants heal and protect themself. When we take just a part of that, we miss EVERYTHING else that resin can do for us! One of the big things the whole resin does as opposed to just a part, is what we call the “Entourage Effect”. 

Simply put, the Entourage Effect (while often associated with smoking marijuana) is Nature’s version of Synergy, 1 plus 1 equals 3. When we have the WHOLE resin working together, you get much better results than if you were to separate the parts and use them by themself. 

That is why we focus on the resins. We have oils, they are great, they smell good, we’ve tried CBD, it definitely helps, but only to an extent. It is the COMPLETENESS and natural efficacy of our Liquid Resins that bring real medicinal value. We are tired of using and seeing companies that put a band-aid on problems, we want to be a solution. 

Here is a quick guide to our Liquid Resins and Resin Blends!

Liquid Resins - Pure Medicinal Resin in Liquid Form

  • Frankincense
    • One of the most famous resins, it is incredible for inflammation, skin, and mood. If you have a need, you can’t go wrong with Frankincense!
  • Dragons Blood
    • Revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dragons Blood was used as a cure-all and is great for skin, healing, and digestion. Its an exotic resin that won’t disappoint. 
  • Elemi
    • A bright and citrusy feel, Elemi is wonderful at cleansing, soothing and helps to brighten mood and energy levels.
  • Peru Balsam
    • This resin has been used for a wide range of things from cooking to medicine. Particularly good at clearing away unwanted bacteria and microbes, Peru Balsam is wonderful at keeping skin fresh and clear and soothing emotions.
  • Mastic Gum
    • The best resin for digestion and mouth health, Mastic Gum resin is still used as a natural gum, for chewing! Lesser known it has potent anti-inflammatory uses.
  • Breu Branco
    • Also known as Brazilian Frankincense, Breu Branco is a very versatile resin with a distinct effect on mood and emotions. It is also wonderful for helping to keep the immune system strong.

Resin Blends - A blend of Liquid Resins and Essential Oils

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